What Type of Hydraulic Fluid Does a Trash Compactor Need?

Trash compactors are essential pieces of equipment for any business or home that produces a large amount of waste. These machines use hydraulic fluid to power their compaction system, and it is important to choose the right type of fluid for your compactor. The Chute Doctor series of garbage compactors and recycling systems require a specific type of hydraulic fluid. This type of fluid is suitable for small half-yard compactors fed by hoppers of up to 10 yards, as well as in the hydraulic system of garbage trucks.

When selecting a hydraulic fluid for your compactor, it is important to consider the environmental impact. Biooil is an excellent choice as it is made from sustainable products grown by farmers in the United States. This reduces our nation's dependence on foreign oil, which is unsafe. Canola oil is another great option for compactor hydraulic fluid.

It has the most positive cost-benefit energy cost-benefit ratio during the life cycle of all vegetable oils, including soybean. However, it does have worse oxidation and flow point capacities than other types of oil, so it is important to use high-tech additives to compensate for this.