Are Garbage Compactors Good for the Environment?

With so many companies concerned about their carbon footprint, garbage compactors are another way companies can help reduce emissions. The use of garbage compactors can also help to use landfills and extend their useful life, since space is maximized with highly compacted waste rather than loose garbage. Trash compactors are an environmentally friendly way to process garbage and other waste products. An increasing population generates a phenomenal amount of garbage, which is a major threat to the environment. Most household and industrial waste ends up in landfills or incinerators.

These affect the environment by attracting vermin and releasing toxic gases. Transporting heavy loads of waste requires a lot of fuel, which increases the carbon footprint of waste companies. Across the country, cities are starting to notice fluids leaking from roll-up containers with open tops and poorly maintained front loading containers. For good reason, some municipalities and regional governments require that all ships have covers. The compactors are closed and spew stormwater.

Autonomous compactors, such as the Marathon RJ-250 series, are a sealed system designed to contain liquid waste and keep it out of rainwater. Using a garbage compactor, essentially a practical appliance, means fewer trips to the sidewalk or to the can with garbage bags. Compacted garbage takes up much less space than regular bagged garbage. However, the compactor also requires special bags, which may mean that you'll have to look for the right ones when buying. As the name suggests, garbage compactors compress trash into smaller blocks that take up less space in a garbage bin.

But more importantly, these shredded garbage units also take up less space in landfills. As Seattle strives to achieve its goal of recycling 60 percent of its waste, garbage compactors are slowly but surely becoming popular among households that want to contribute to reducing Seattle's carbon footprint. Trash compactors are great for the environment because they reduce the volume of household waste. They reduce the number of garbage bags that enter landfills. With less waste in garbage bins, the number of times a container needs to be emptied is reduced. Because these freestanding garbage compactors are not designed to be installed under the counter, the upper part can even be used as an additional work surface.

The shredding mechanism then compresses the garbage from the compactor until it is a fraction of its original size. Always inspired by professional designs, this KitchenAid trash compactor makes a statement in the kitchen with an elegant and modern look. When choosing a model, you can choose between a freestanding garbage can, for under the counter or convertible with a compactor. Like refrigerators and stoves, garbage compactors are available as standalone models (which look like a typical garbage can) or as integrated units (which look more like a compact dishwasher). As the topic continues to trend, eco-friendly appliances, such as garbage compactors, are starting to go viral.

Today, many major appliance brands also manufacture garbage compactors as part of their product family. Nowadays, garbage compactors are designed with style in mind, are integrated or portable units, and models with motors offer more power than previous editions, meaning that more waste can fit in a single garbage bag. Today, garbage compactors use even better technology that allows them to handle dry and wet waste, control odors and store more. The smaller versions, called the SmartPack automatic garbage compactor, are even replacing the standard trash can in airports, quick-service restaurants and coffee shops. Even though almost every appliance manufacturer offers one for sale to this day, the garbage compactor hasn't lived up to its potential in modern kitchens. While I understand your resistance to the idea, let me give you three reasons why garbage compactors are the green solution that no one talks or talks about: they reduce landfill space; they reduce emissions from transporting heavy loads; and they help control odors. In fact, newer models of kitchen trash compactors have addressed unpleasant odors with options such as a compartment for a carbon filter, while other models have an odor reducing disc. Garbage compactors offer an effective way for households and businesses alike to reduce their environmental impact while still disposing of their waste responsibly.

By reducing landfill space and emissions from transporting heavy loads of waste while controlling odors at the same time, these appliances provide an eco-friendly solution that everyone should consider.