What is the 3 bin system of waste segregation?

The three containers are for separating waste into compostable, recyclable and landfills. The waste that goes to the landfill can be reduced by approximately 80% if communities recycle and compost. We also use different external services, such as Google Webfonts, Google Maps and external video providers. Since these providers may collect personal data, such as your IP address, we allow you to block them here.

Please note that this could significantly reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. The changes will take effect once you reload the page. Finally, the black bin will be used for hazardous household waste, including compact fluorescent lamps, printer cartridges, broken thermometer, batteries, button cells, expired medications, used syringes, mosquito repellent refill bottles, old CDs and cassettes. The study highlighted the significant increase in the generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in India over the past few decades and how its management had become a major problem, as poor management practices affected the health and services of cities.

To address the disposal, collection and disposal of waste in shelters and other areas of the University of Punjab (PU) campus, especially in the student center, the PU has decided to launch a three-container system under which three separate containers will be installed for organic, recyclable and general waste. Mor had also carried out a study on the characterization of solid waste management and its evaluation of the possible generation of methane. The system of having green, white and black containers on campus will allow us to efficiently segregate waste and will also help convert organic waste into compost.