Do Trash Compactors Need Special Bags?

Don't make the mistake of using a regular commercial garbage bag in your compactor. It almost always causes dangerous spills, which take even longer to clean. Instead, it's best to choose the right compactor garbage bag right from the start. Using a garbage compactor bag as a backpack liner also means that you can use regular carrying bags instead of waterproof bags with a roll-up lid to pack your equipment.

But when it comes to convenience and longevity, a garbage compactor bag is the one that lasts the longest and is very easy to repair with adhesive tape if it's punctured or broken. In 1991, John Bauer improved the design of trash compactors, creating two compartments for recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste. Standard 13-gallon garbage bags are strong enough for normal applications, but may not withstand being crushed inside a compactor. If quality bags are not used correctly, the overall efficiency of the appliance will be reduced and may result in the need to replace the garbage compactor sooner rather than later.

Free-standing trash compactors are ideal for those who already have a fully finished kitchen because they don't require any remodeling. Then visit Amazon or your local hardware store to buy the standard 18-gallon bags for a 25-gallon capacity compactor or the larger size for a compactor in the 30 to 50 gallon range. Today, garbage compactors use even better technology that allows them to handle dry and wet waste, control odors and store more. Compactor bags are tough and made to be shredded under pressure, while garbage bags, even “tough” ones, aren't as robust or durable.

Conventional kitchen trash bags break by force, which will cause a big mess and the trash won't be compacted properly. In fact, newer models of kitchen trash compactors have addressed unpleasant odors with options such as a compartment for a carbon filter, while other models have an odor reducing disc. Trash compactors are highly functional appliances that help your home or workplace run a little more smoothly. To ensure that your compactor runs efficiently and safely, it's important to use special compactor garbage bags.

These bags are designed to withstand the crushing force of the compactor and prevent spills and messes. They also come in different sizes so you can find one that fits your compactor perfectly. When choosing a model, you can choose between a freestanding, under-the-counter or convertible trash can with a compactor. It's important to remember that regular kitchen trash bags won't be able to withstand the crushing force of a compactor and may cause dangerous spills or messes.

Investing in quality garbage compactor bags is essential for keeping your appliance running smoothly and safely.