Can You Put Glass Down the Garbage Chute Safely?

Batteries or items that contain batteries should never be put down the garbage chute. Recyclable materials such as paper, flattened cardboard, glass, plastic or metal containers can be disposed of in the chute, but it is important to pick up fragile recyclable materials and take them to the trash room. It is not recommended to leave any delicate items in the chute room and expect the staff to clean it for you. Garbage chutes are a great way to move trash from an apartment, condo, or office to the garbage bin without having to go down several flights of stairs or go through other living areas.

Follow these steps for safe glass disposal in a trash chute:

  • Put glass items such as bottles, jars, or other glassware into a designated container or bag (some buildings have recycling chutes).
  • Keep glass separate from other waste materials to minimize the chances of breakage on the way down to the trash room
  • Consider wrapping glass items in newspaper or bubble wrap before disposal
  • IMPORTANT: If the chute doors will not open or close correctly, please inform maintenance to order replacement trash chute doors for the building to prevent hazards

Garbage chutes are long, horizontal rooms in most multi-level buildings with access points on each floor. Residents can leave trash in the duct on the floor and it will be safely and discreetly carried to the garbage bin or garbage compactor. However, there are some general guidelines for what should and should NOT go to the landfill. It is not advisable to transport garbage bags around residential areas, as it is unsanitary and unsightly.

The garbage chute provides a hygienic way to safely dispose of any garbage.