What Size Bags Should You Use for Your Trash Compactor?

Trash compactors are a great way to keep your home or workplace running smoothly. But, if you're using a compactor, you need to make sure you're using the right size bags. Conventional kitchen trash bags won't be able to withstand the force of a compactor, and will likely break, causing a big mess. Instead, you should use bags designed specifically for compactors.

The size of bag you need depends on the size of your compactor. For a 25-gallon capacity compactor, you'll need 18-gallon bags. For a compactor in the 30 to 50 gallon range, you'll need larger bags. You can find these bags at your local hardware store or on Amazon.

It's important to use quality bags in your compactor, as this will help keep it in the best possible condition. If you don't use quality bags, the efficiency of your compactor will be reduced and it may need to be replaced sooner than expected. Garbage compactors can also be used for shredding aluminum cans, cardboard boxes and recyclable plastics to prepare materials for the recycling center. For best results, use only bags designed for garbage compactors.

Several brands offer standard-size compactor bags.