image of  compact bailerAutomated Equipment LLC, Industry leader in small commercial compactors and balers. If you generate waste we have a solution for you.

  • Cut your waste bills in 1/2. Have customers all over the country saving $300-$800/month on waste bills.
  • Reduce size of your waste by 80%. Get rid of the large dumpsters.
  • Reduce Pilferage.
  • Reduce traffic out the bag door.
  • Recycle.  Bale your cardboard.
  • Reduce labor.
  • Waste management options available.

Automated Equipment has 3 different units designed to compact large volumes of waste without taking up a lot of room.



Model 330C compactor/baler. Refrigerator size unit will compact all your trash and bale cardboard. The best choice for a back room compactor and baler.

Let us solve your waste handling issues. Designing and manufacturing compactors since 1971. Proven technology that has been improved upon to give the best compactor balers for the money.




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